A Month, or so, Trial

We wanted to make it easy for everyone to experience MANTA comfort.

A full month, or so, no pressure* trial, 80% cashback at the end if returned, time to acclimatise & optimise.

With our support (if required) we can ensure any rider can experience Manta’s comfort – the very latest design and materials – and enjoy previously inaccessible comfort, mile after mile, without any pressure, anywhere.

“The Manta is a radical departure from traditional saddles, so we decided to find out how to offer anyone the experience.”


We’re offer a new seating experience without having a demo Manta in every cycle shop, in every city – our unique month-long trial period, providing hassle-free access to a unique, revolutionary, ground-breaking design for the price of a few beers.

If we don’t manage to help get you set up and running within a month or so, if it’s not for you, return it – in reasonable condition, signed, tracked post – if we can’t at least get you heading in the right direction in that time, if it’s not for you, post the Manta back to us and we’ll refund 80% of the price.

MANTA Riders And Their Media

We’re launching a cashback scheme for rider’s original photographs or video that we publish in the gallery – your setup, rides, in town, on tour, etc, the Manta in there, posing, reviews, text files, upload or send. Good looking stuff ta (not an avalanche, please, unless you add more and we can’t resist). We can handle most media types. GBP15.00 per publish, and our choice pick, each month, will receive GBP25.00 Media will be published in our “User Rides” category.

Our Next Feature: Owner ‘tokens’, serial numbered cards to give to curious public persons, perks for converted enquiries, we already give perks to riders responsible for multiple sales, we want to make it easier!

Buy a Manta, begin a month, or more* of comfort – HERE!

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