of MANTA™ saddle technology

Last year, October-December 2015..

..a production trial with an ill-fated affiliate sales & marketing Co ended in the recycle bin when a peculiar material problem became known to MANTA - if struck sharply, a certain way, some levers could break (although safely, still not great). The problem, and customer details were withheld. While we find out why, 90% have been recycled, and we tracked the shipped MS9’s down for replacement - if by any chance any were sent that we are not aware of, please contact MANTA, directly.

rethinking cycle seating





The MANTA is a redesign of bicycle seating, a total rethink. It was developed to provide a natural seating area. In fact, you’re already sitting on it.

The saddle consists of a group of elements mounted on a central pivot. These “ribs” become narrower from the thigh support, to the rear ischial section. The elements pivot around a central “spine”,  and are moved by (in harmony with) a rider’s legs whilst pedalling.

The MANTA saddle’s unique articulation provides a natural seating area, optimised comfort and ventilation.


MANTA functionality – BLUE MS9 [mouseover


“…this seat, on a fixed gear bicycle is like a perpetual motion machine. There needs to be a really good reason for me to get off the bike now, because comfort no longer affects my decision to keep riding”