The Manta Bicycle Saddle

A revolution in cycle comfort

Manta MS9 2019

Manta the ultimate in bike seating design & manufacture
fully re-engineered design, bike saddle, evolved

MS9 Outline 2019

A naturally comfortable seating area

Kinetic Bicycle Seating: the Manta consists of elements (levers) mounted on a central pivot. It doesn’t require a ‘nose’ (it can have one, it is not a requirement). The elements pivot around a central spine, so the support area moves. An articulated seating area moves in harmony with the rider’s legs.

Manta’s articulated support area provides:

  • a completely natural seating area
  • zero pressure on the perineum, zero nerve pressure
  • butt-perfect pressure distribution (IMAR) (PDF)
  • optimal comfort provides enjoyment over more miles
  • exceptional cooling and ventilation
  • hand finished and made in the home of pedal cycling
  • no pain, no damage, you won’t even know you’ve been on a saddle
  • without a ‘nose’, it doesn’t offer any pressure where it shouldn’t
  • a no compromise engineering solution
  • sets the standard for comfortable bicycle seating

[in motion: mouseover on image]

Anatomically accurate bicycle seating

Recent Feedback:

“We are currently cycle touring the Outer Hebrides and Skye, me on my Manta, my wife on her Brooks. [The Manta has] been great for touring, such that my Brooks is at home in the shed (and I like Brooks saddles). This is my second tour on the Manta so I’ll put together some more detailed thoughts when this one’s done. Basically, though even after 50 or so tough Skye miles on a well loaded bike I can dismount and my rear end doesn’t even know it’s been on a bike (different matter for the legs of course).”

John Butler (Manta Design visitor, 2019-06-24)

“This seat, on a fixed gear bicycle, is like a perpetual motion machine. There needs to be a really good reason for me to get off the bike now, comfort no longer affects my decision to keep riding”

User ‘Sparky’, power Assist Bike Forum

“Hi there, I recently purchased the Manta seat for installation on my tri-bike. The seat is great and causes me absolutely zero discomfort. I’ve ridden a century on it already and was amazed that I had no discomfort at the end or numbness.”

Chris Gillman, sporty chap from Chicago

“I had to revert to the standard saddle [recently], and it’s rubbish; it truly is a better ride on the Manta. Regular saddles suck.”

Gavin Evans, photographer

“I wholeheartedly vouch for the Manta and hope that more people try Jon’s great saddle.”

Dominic Luther, world rider

“The thought of riding a normal saddle again is quite disturbing. It is a big difference! The Manta really leaves you with no pressure at all.”

Oliver & Helena Wilhelm, world riders

“I found this strange thing surprisingly comfy. Its rider, in any case, swears since one year, every day on it …there would be nothing better.”

User ‘stuntzi’, featuring Dominic Luther’s travels

One of the UK’s great adventures; Land’s End to John O’Groats

*technical detail and materials spec to be published