The Manta Saddle

A revolution in cycling comfort, the best a bike can get

Manta MS9 2019

NOTE: we are the leading edge in the Manta’s design, and materials*

MS9 Outline 2019

A natural seating area; as we were designed to sit

The kinetic Seating Area: “The Manta consists of a group of elements mounted on a central pivot. These levers become narrower from the front to the rear ischial area. The elements pivot around a central spine. The support area moves in harmony with a rider’s legs.”

Manta’s unique articulated seating provides:

  • a totally natural seating area
  • zero pressure for the perineum, zero nerve pressure
  • optimised comfort equals more enjoyment, more miles
  • exceptional ventilation
  • it’s pretty fantastic
  • and no pain 

[the “how it works” animé mouseover blue image below!]

The only anatomically correct bicycle saddle!

“This seat, on a fixed gear bicycle is like a perpetual motion machine. There needs to be a really good reason for me to get off the bike now, comfort no longer affects my decision to keep riding”

Power Assist Bike Forum

One of the UK’s great adventures; Land’s End to John O’Groats, do it in comfort

*latest technical detail and materials spec to be published soon