The MANTA™ Saddle

  • Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort
  • Kinetic surface area for efficient riding 
  • Adaptive Ray™ technology benefits your health
Rear of MANTA Saddle


Why ride a MANTA?


The MANTA saddle was developed for over 11 years – research, prototyping, and testing, production development was meticulous – in collaboration with leading technology, and manufacturing companies such as DuPont™, Lola, IMAR, to provide the optimized comfort saddle we have today.

Our focus has always been to produce an effective cycle saddle that combines exceptional performance, maximum support and comfort whilst removing the potentially harmful, and uncomfortable “nose” which exist on other saddles.

The MANTA saddle has been specifically designed to suit all riders of age 10-up, all genders, across multiple riding disciplines, from leisure and commuting, to road and mountain biking.

Whether you use your bike to commute to work or are an avid cross-country, or mountain biker you will feel at home riding a MANTA. You can also be sure that you can continue for mile after mile in total comfort, without harming your body.

It’s unique – very different to all other saddle designs – it has to be, to support the human form for the first time naturally, on an upright cycle.

No other saddle on the market today offers the same level of comfort and support, whilst maintaining performance, while promoting correct (circular) pedalling, and an idealised seating position.

Traditional saddles typically rely on a ‘nose’ to both support the riders weight, and for riding stability. Traditional designs have not changed since the 1800’s.

With today’s advances in medical technology we now have a much greater understanding of the human body and how outside influences can affect us. With cycling continuing to increase in popularity as a carbon neutral method of transport and for leisure more and more research is being conducted on the effects of cycling on the rider with specific focus on the saddle.

Many studies have directly linked the use of traditional saddles with long term permanent damage to the areas around the perineum which were never designed to take humans weight as they are forced too when riding.

We are just beginning to be open about, and more publicly aware of the health risks that exist with traditional saddles.

Unique Patented Design, Invented & Made in Scotland


MANTA Design, Unified Sport, and the MANTA saddle are uniquely a product of Scotland’s diversity of engineering innovation, and the rugged environment. Designed and manufactured in North-West Scotland, developed in Edinburgh (on cobbled streets!), Cambridge, and Taiwan.

We pay exceptional attention to our manufacturing process and use local suppliers for all our parts and custom components. We keep close to everyone in our production loop ensuring we can provide the very best product possible.

Each saddle is individually hand assembled and tested by our technicians in and around Scotland, who are experienced riders and use the saddle daily.

On a MANTA saddle you are experiencing Scotland’s innovation, especially bicycle designs (pedals, for e.g.) and the country’s manufacturing heritage.

The MANTA saddle incorporates cutting edge, surface-adaptive technology – comparable to the wing of a Manta Ray in motion – the only saddle which dynamically moves in conjunction with its rider, multiplying the support.

Elements in an array, a lever-based design that mirrors the way the human body, and the bicycle function together, to create the most efficient means of transport, the MANTA creates a near-perfect interface between rider and machine.

The human body with the bicycle are exceptionally efficient as a machine. By (at last) improving the connection between rider and bike, its possible to improve long term performance whether commuting to work, retaining stamina without the pain, and no need to stop, even on long distance tours.

The choice is yours.