Unified Sport MANTA riders

“This seat, on a fixed gear bicycle is like a perpetual motion machine.

There needs to be a really good reason for me to get off the bike now.

Comfort no longer affects my decision to keep riding”

User ‘Sparky’ power Assist Bike Forum

manta saddle and nicola johnston, by marc millar

Ever Patient Nicola Johnston, in Portobello, by Marc Millar

“Hi there, I recently purchased the Manta seat for installation on my tri-bike. The seat is great and causes me absolutely zero discomfort. I’ve ridden a century on it already and was amazed that I had no discomfort at the end or numbness.”

Chris Gillman, a sporty man from Chicago

We upgraded photographer Gavin’s MS9:

“I had to revert to a standard saddle [for a time], and it’s rubbish.

It truly is a better ride on the Manta. Regular saddles suck.”

Gavin Evans, photographer

Gavin Evans, Bowie

Gavin Evans, iconic Bowie

“I wholeheartedly vouch for the Manta and hope that more people try Jon’s great saddle.”

Dominic Luther, world rider

John Butler & Wife​, toured up from Tarbert to Skye (near US, we hoped for a beer): “The MANTA has been great for touring, such that my Brooks is at home in the shed (and I like Brooks saddles). This is my second tour on the Manta. I’ll put together some more detailed thoughts. Basically, though, even after 50 or so tough Skye miles on a well loaded bike I can dismount and my rear end doesn’t even know it’s been on a bike.”

Oliver & Helena Wilhelm, world riders

More saddles – for the new Bromptons – on their way.

This is not the way they always cycle.

“The thought of riding a normal saddle again is quite disturbing. It is a big difference! The Manta really leaves you with no pressure at all.”

Oliver & Helena Wilhelm, world riders

“After having cycled our first 500 km through the North of Australia, we are already sick of the conventional saddle!”

“We are seriously considering to buy two more Manta saddles for our Bromptons, when doing serious mileage you really need to sit comfy otherwise you lose the fun.”

Manta Evolve’s unique articulated seating provides:

  • A natural seating area.
  • Lever based construction for efficient riding performance.
  • Perfect pressure distribution (IMAR) (PDF).
  • Exceptional cooling and ventilation.
  • Adaptive Ray™ technology to protect your health.
  • Virtually no pudendal pressure.
  • A no-compromise engineering solution.
  • Sets a new standard for cycle seating.
Dominic Luther: MANTA world rider x2

Dominic Luther: World Rider [x2]

107,000km over 8 years, 50,000 on a blue MANTA

Danny, Withnail & I

Ralph Brown Plays "Danny"

Ralph, did you take any specialist equipment on your Ghana Cycle Challenge? If the MANTA is specialist equipment then yes, but I don’t see it as such. It’s just the next level. The saddle is comfortable and has no pressure point, and it also allows air circulation around the hind quarters (bonus!)…”

“…the rest of the group were passing round cream for their sore backsides, wearing nappies and generally coping with the extreme discomfort that comes from being in a standard saddle for seven to eight hours a day, with resulting sores and friction points. Louella and I had no such issues and we did try not to gloat.”

How did [film producer] Louella Hamer find the Manta from a woman’s perspective?

Ralph: “She did say on Day Three [of the Ghana Challenge] that the saddle was the only part of her bike that she was happy with, and I felt the same way – my gears, handlebars, brakes and wheels were all poor.”

Louella Hamer, producer
manta bench

The Manta saddle

Modbikemax » Jan 01 2015 4:35am

I just fitted a manta saddle.
It is interesting, but it definitely is not a pain in the arse!
I have done a few k’s on it on a regular bike, now to try it on my “shoprider” ebike (see below). I had tried it on a mountain bike with plenty of seat adjustment. I think it would be perfect on a mountain bike or cross bike with an upright riding position.

The levers pivot on the middle and move with your legs to give a wide area of weight distribution, and it certainly does that. When you are not pedalling it feels like a big tractor seat.
Like most things new it takes a bit of getting used to, you can slide around if you are unprepared.

Costs about the same as any quality saddle. Available from: mantasaddle.com

Modbikemax » Jan 13 2015 7:32pm

This is a style of bike with a low seat tube. A “shoprider”, which had a brushed hub motor, yuk, but has a very nice 3 speed nexus rear hub and drum brake. The frame has nice brackets to eliminate a lot of the brake torque arm clamps and cable clamps. It will have a brushless front hub fitted soon. Just working out the battery box fitting.
Manta saddle on architecture

MANTA Evolve™, urban shopper, leaning on architecture

“I found this strange thing surprisingly comfy. Its rider, in any case, swears since one year, every day on it …there would be nothing better.” User ‘stuntzi’, featuring Dominic Luther’s travels www.mtb-news.de/forum

“I purchased your Evolve Saddle a few years ago, and have found nothing but a comfortable ride during that time.” – Joseph Costa, upgrading.

Land’s End, to John O’Groat’s

One of the UK’s great adventures; Land’s End to John O’Groats