Dundee University, and Testing at IMAR

Tues 11th Aug 2009: On our first meeting with Prof Abboud, and his team at Dundee University, Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR). It was obvious these were the right team to quantify the designs function, and principles. We began with the larger MANTA 13. and moved over, in a few weeks, to the newly updated MS9, the base… Read more →

Power-assist Bike forum

MANTA, and Other Saddles on fixies and Power Bikes…   Thread: “…what is the most comfortable seat”       sparky Senior Member     Does anybody speak German??!?!?  “Relax IQ” [the Manta MS9, as sold in Germany] – https://www.comfort-line.de/saettel/relaxiq/ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8jbv7xUzHA Relax 2 – https://www.comfort-line.de/saettel/relax2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OhAN-byWi4 I think I’m going to need to order both of these. Surely one… Read more →

1895 British Medical Journal Entry

“THE SADDLE OF THE LADY’S BICYCLE”   That bicycling undertaken in moderation is conducive to health and vigour in women is now undisputed. The French physicians have pronounced decidedly in its favour, and M. Lucas-Championniere is a warm advocate of women bicycling. The fatigue in moderate bicycling is slight, the muscles are exercised, and the lungs are well inflated. The… Read more →

Fixie Saddles on Bikeforums

Single Speed & Fixed Gear – Which Saddles Do You Like? Forum chat .. Sherblock 12-05-11, 08:56 PM I ride with this [MANTA] on my fixie. I actually paid more than $100 over [the UK] price to order it from this German company (comfort-line.de/relaxiq/) that talked me into buying another $250 seat (comfort-line.de/relax2/), which I only care for on my… Read more →