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Single Speed & Fixed Gear – Which Saddles Do You Like?

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12-05-11, 08:56 PM

I ride with this [MANTA] on my fixie. I actually paid more than $100 over [the UK] price to order it from this German company ( that talked me into buying another $250 seat (, which I only care for on my full-suspension motorized bike. I also enjoy this “Gyes” leather saddle ( from eBay. Got it when it was much cheaper. But both the MANTA and Gyes leather saddle are incredibly enjoyable on my rigid frame 29er.

They both do the job, but I’ve been using the Evolve more, because I don’t know the proper leather treatment yet. I’m afraid that if I take my leather saddle out it will rain on me that day, even tho’ it’s arguably more comfortable.

Which saddles DON’T I like?? That would be a rather long list. 🙂

12-06-11, 11:01 AM

There’s just no comparison for anyone with half a braincell. Balancing on my tail bones is of no priority of mine. Letting my upper thighs melt into a moving seat and forget I’m on a bicycle — that’s what I’m after… sex on a bicycle 😉 I can literally ride as long and as far as I’d like without getting “tired”.

Do you really think that a Specialized seat is going to allow me to say that… “as long and as far as I’d like without getting ‘tired’??? Really? If I can find some place that lets me return a Specialized saddle for 100% money back, I might try it… but I doubt I’ll make it out of the parking lot.

When you say that “comfort saddles aren’t more comfortable”, have you tried this MANTA saddle??? Have you tried a Spongy Wonder?? Have you tried an Easy Seat Deluxe/II?? Have you tried this specific Gyes leather seat?? Have you tried the A.R.S. seat??

From what end are you speaking? The tail end?