Dundee University, and Testing at IMAR

Tues 11th Aug 2009: On our first meeting with Prof Abboud, and his team at Dundee University, Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR). It was obvious these were the right team to quantify the designs function, and principles. We began with the larger MANTA 13. and moved over, in a few weeks, to the newly updated MS9, the base of the current model. IMAR tested the performance of a wide range of conventional bicycle saddles comparing perceived, actual performance, peak pressures and groin blood-flow. We left them a few saddles, and set one up on their test facilities, we all had a go despite the seat clamp having seen better days (too many saddles on, and off), an opportunity, and interesting to have it explained to us, how our MANTA functions. They understood the principles, easily. An eye-opening discussion of product function versus perception.

Medical endorsement & results HERE – we (still) await the full research publication.

A MANTA appeared with Prof Rami Abboud on the BBC, regarding saddle injuries – literally holding the answer to the problem – a pity the presenters didn’t seem to want to do a great deal of presenting: