We have been asked if the eBay MantaB is “about the same” as a production MANTA.


No, but they are the same shape. We use our saddle every day, and we do not wish that anyone is sold stock as if it were production standard, if it’s not – we care about our design and its reputation, it has been nearly 20 years work for the designer, and many others involved in development. The eBay page, sales, product support & pricing structure, seems to be about causing us damage. An odd place for a defamatory statement instead of product detail. We would like to know what the aim of this is.

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Hypervital GmbH

B-grade is not production standard, as was agreed – and we cannot approve of sales made on the basis that it is. That batch is suitable for restricted use, such as static bikes – no static should be without this design – and fine for demonstration, or trial – they are unlikely to last very long without spares – this is our concern, our “narrative”. 

MANTA’s Soft-Grip™ was also designed by Jon specifically for the MANTA, from years of experience. It’s unique and far better than
neoprene tubing, and revealing to suggest otherwise.

The grey tubing, incorrectly described as “the latest”, was just adequate in 2009, and was quickly replaced with a soft, and tough silicone tube – this material, developed during 2018-2019 into the Soft-Grip™ – it’s grippy, cushy, and yet bulletproof. After the 2019 update our grip no longer rotates, as the MK1 sometimes did – design evolution.  


“The MANTA is a great saddle!” says the seller, yes it is!


All Manta saddles, including the ‘MantaB’ will be comfortable, but we would not expect B-grade stock to withstand regular, outdoor cycling wear and tear.



Some of The Latest Changes


Soft-Grip© MKII, soft, grippy

MANTA’s unique 2018 Soft-Grip™

Super tough, super soft silicone design for 2018, optimised for 2019

Old v Soft-Grip©

Grey neoprene from 2016, and the 2019 Soft-Grip™, a big difference in performance, longevity and feel

Soft-Grip™ at the top


Soft-Grip© MKIIa

Soft-Grip™ unique to MANTA – little bumps inside, make for a perfect fit

The saddle body and elements are produced in an advanced grade of polypropylene, light and strong/ PPHP P NAT N AS MFI 35. RAL8022 black with bronze highlight


Below: two upper rearmost elements, black 2019 Soft-Grip™, compared to the B-grade neoprene

MANTA Soft-Grip™ v B-grade
2019 Soft-Grip™ - 5mm deep compliant silicone, the ridges on top, provides a soft, grippy ischial zone, replaces B-grade 1mm Neoprene tube from 2009
MANTA Soft-Grip™ v B-grade
Optimised support and grip under the ischial bones, compared with grey B-grade tube - would you take the padding off your car seat? We moved weight to the ischial Soft-Grip, adding both strength and lightness to the main assembly.


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