Marc Millar Photoshoot

A fantastic set of captures of the MS13, the first production version of the Manta saddle before the primary model, the MS9.
Posed in front of Edinburgh’s Parliament and Portobello by Marc Millar ~ please click on the thumbnail-preview:

Marc Millar Photoshoot


Offroad in Brazil with Hélio Araújo, Professor of Physical Education

IMAR’s Head, Professor Rami Abboud

Hélio Araújo, Physical Education Professor, Cycle Tour Group Organiser

Manta Setup Advice – HÉLIO ARAÚJO

Setup Technique – Jon Catling (designer)

Function by animation

“Der intelligenteste und bequemste Sattel aller Zeiten”!

Setup Illustration

1996 Struan Cottage & Workshop – Needs Work!

The Sunday Times, February 14 2010

Online: The Sunday Times Cycle Doc Your cycling problems solved by our expert rider Q. When I sit on a bicycle seat, I suffer terrible pains in my perineum. What do you advise? AB, north London A. The discomfort you describe is not that common, but various saddles have attempted to solve the problem. One is the ECD seat (… Read more →