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Manta Design development is based on Skye, an island off the Scottish Highland’s west coast, a supremely varied cycling environment.

“We are cycle obsessive. The bicycle is sublime fun. A supremely efficient machine for human transport – the future for clean, safe cities” .. this was the motivation to seek a seating solution. Jon likes his bikes, and he likes the ancient cobbled streets of Edinburgh.

Manta Design Ltd is a proudly Scottish company that has created a world-leading product. And the Manta saddle has been round the world, with the amazing Dominic Luther.

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The idea for the Manta Saddle came riding on Skye in the late 1990's. Inspiration for the design came from the time following the end of a job building footpaths heading up into the Cuillin ...as it turns out, this particular design challenge required a great deal of time, and meticulous development due to the complexity of forms in motion.

I had long been dissatisfied with how saddle pain impacts endurance - the legs are good for more miles, the backside isn’t. The designer in me felt I should attempt to find a better way to support the human body, on a bike.

So-called comfort saddles were not, because they are compromised. That is no good. The priority wasn’t temporary perception of comfort but an absence of pressure - not quite the same thing. The problem needed turning round.

Mock ups of what I thought might work led to prototypes that began to show promise. There was a breakthrough. Then we headed into a long product development for manufacture, primarily in-house but with vast assistance from friends and the likes of DuPont, to Taiwan and back to Fife. It took about 8 years, and a scary amount of money.

What kept me going and it still does - along with a ride like a flying sofa - is increasing evidence about the damage conventional nosed saddles cause to blood vessels and soft tissues. They’re grossly unsuitable for the human anatomy. Just wrong. So the mission is to get nosed saddles left in the garage, and replaced with Manta saddles.

Jon Catling

The Manta Saddle is developed, tested and manufactured, assembled and shipped from Scotland, worldwide

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Manta Design Scotland Ltd [Reg. SC0355993]
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