Medical Endorsements

The Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR), Dundee University, are continuing research into our designs to produce blood flow analysis to provide a precise reading of the blood flow levels a rider will experience in the groin area with a wide range of saddles and including our MS9 design, this requires specialist equipment and skills,* the MS9 had the best performance.

Research now completed by Nicholas Cotton, supervised by Prof Rami Abboud, to be published under the title “Cycling & impotency: the way forward!


(*unlike conventional saddle designs, there is nothing to mount the censor on ~ i.e. nothing at all pressing on, or against the pudendal area)

Dr Laurence Berman’s previous assessment:

With regard to the revolutionary Manta bicycle saddle design…

…Blood flow and other vessel pressure effects do not need to be measured as this design does not make contact with the areas I would be involved in testing. Furthermore this means that it is not possible to test in the same way as classic saddle designs, as ultrasound analysis techniques require physical contact in these areas.

It is obvious from inspecting this design that as there is no contact in the areas that are proven to be problematical with conventional designs; I would suggest that the blood flow analysis for a cyclist using this saddle would probably approximate to that of a person exercising other than on a bicycle; i.e. a general increase in blood flow as opposed to the pudendal-artery-specific restriction found in riders using conventional saddles.

This means that – with this particular design – long-term damage caused by lack of blood flow – and hence oxygen to the tissues – otherwise supplied by the pudendal arteries is unlikely to happen nor will the relatively more abrupt potential damage from compression/crushing of the arteries be expected.

I am happy to be universally quoted on this matter with regard to this particular design


Dr Laurence Berman
Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge, Level 5, Box 219,
Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 2QQ, UK

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