eBay: is it a Genuine MANTA?

A page for those who experience eBay ADs pushing bargain priced MS9/5’s. We [an independent, design, manufacture and export company in the far North West of Scotland] cannot compete with eBay’s vast marketing engine, to rectify this. We simply share manufacturers information. OR, this is a page for anyone who wonders what’s going on – then does a quick search for what you might think, are bargains.

At MANTA we like to help riders who decide to upgrade their cycling experience, with regard to seat comfort.

We should make riders aware that there are old parts being sold on eBay as ‘B-grade’ saddles, lacking a description of what ‘B-grade’ means.

It will mean: “comfortable, but don’t expect them to be reliable if used on regular rides”, there were agreed restrictions to usage due to low durability.

  • That particular batch is still viable for demonstration, indoor training on a turbo/trackstand, for any relatively light use – in our experience, parts are very likely to break if used on or off road.
  • eBay sales seem to be a “fire-sale”. Dead cheap is not always good, if you expect a complicated product to keep working.
  • Unfortunately, a fire sale is not good for anyone in this case. 
  • There’s nothing else remotely like our design, so, substandard, mis-sold seating can reflect unjustifiably on our production model.
  • Sold without a realistic description, or guarantee (which buyers are likely to need), it’s a lesson in mis-selling an otherwise effective, and revolutionary design.
  • There isn’t a waiver, like: “it’s cheap, now you’re on your own” (which would be honest at least). 

“We feel riders are being led astray due to the, inexplicable price difference, underwritten by misinformation…” – Jon (the ‘boss’) 

If you want a World-Ride Saddle, the latest MANTA tech, you will probably want a genuine MANTA Evolve. We are the only non-dealer supplier of our product, we maintain the lowest practical price for the technology, with added durability, while being @the leading edge (we do it because we love riding)


Good? Great! Welcome!


The MANTA was developed over 8 years or so, and a lot of cycling, we spent 5 years in development for manufacture. The design is fundamentally the same as when it emerged (from the white hot forge of the designer’s initial disbelief), design detail, parts and materials have significantly improved as it has matured over the recent few years.

Revolution & Evolution

MDL & MDSL, own the design, we actively develop, maintain, manufacture and export worldwide, under a company banner Unified Sport.


Recent changes illustrated below:

Soft-Grip© MKII, soft, grippy

The 2018 Soft-Grip™

Major new design element for 2018, upgraded for 2019

Old v Soft-Grip©

Obsolete [grey] neoprene from 2017, and the latest 2019 Soft-Grip™, a big difference in performance and feel.

Soft-Grip™ MKIIa at the top


Soft-Grip© MKIIa

Updated, 2019 Soft-Grip™ – the extra little bumps inside – perfect detailing equals performance.

There are new base-rails, material grades, and improved assembly.


you get what you pay for

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