Bicycle Seats: The Quest

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In past beginner’s pages it has been easy to laugh over not knowing how to air up a tire or the initial trauma of wearing spandex shorts. But the current topic is a serious matter. […]Keeping comfortable on the seat or keeping the seat comfortable is an on-going quest. To prove my point, raise your hand if you have more than one saddle per bike in the garage. If you raised your hand, this article probably isn’t for you as you have already ridden for more than an hour on a torture device that feels like a narrow concrete brick designed in secret by mad scientists working for Wyeth Pharmaceutical. (For the younger generation, Wyeth makes “Preparation H” 😉 )

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[..]The quest for comfort is not gender specific. […]ONLY if one hasn’t sat in the saddle for any length of time would one be wondering, “relief from what?”

Both men and women suffer from a ‘numb bum’. There are many, many, many problems that can be experienced from sitting in the saddle for long periods, but since this series is really to interest the beginner in riding more frequently and longer distances, to dwell on soreness, chafing, numbness, circulation impairment, medical problems for men, bruising, rawness, and such perhaps is counter productive.

[..]there is no such thing as a perfect saddle.

Strike that! be cool, ventilated, and as comfortable as you can get on an upright bike, why not? ..there is a way.

[..]Watch the riders on the Tour de France. They are the best riders, have the best equipment, have expert trainers, yet they too rise out of the saddle, letting circulation get back into their rear ends.

So, new riders, come on out and join us even if it does hurt. Remember, it only hurts for a little while… then you go numb.”

The Manta may, or may not be perfect but we can bear all your weight and you will get NONE of these problems.