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Fixie Saddles on Bikeforums

Single Speed & Fixed Gear – Which Saddles Do You Like? Forum chat .. Sherblock 12-05-11, 08:56 PM I ride with this [MANTA] on my fixie. I actually paid more than $100 over [the UK] price to order it from this German company ( that talked me into buying another $250 seat (, which I only care for on my… Read more →

Dundee University, and Testing at IMAR

Tues 11th Aug 2009: On our first meeting with Prof Abboud, and his team at Dundee University, Institute of Motion Analysis & Research (IMAR). It was obvious these were the right team to quantify the designs function, and principles. We began with the larger MANTA 13. and moved over, in a few weeks, to the newly updated MS9, the base… Read more →