Manta MS5

The MANTA MS5 Adaptive: MANTA™ technology provides optimal support for the body even with our minimalist model. No soft parts are harmed while riding with Manta seating. Not officially released (see eBay B-grade), but still the best saddle, by far.



MANTA’s smaller, 200g lighter ‘HardPerson Edition’, for a minimalist enthusiast & fixie riders.

Simply (economically) upgradable, the profoundly supportive MS9, to suit bike and riding style, or simply as you become accustomed to Manta’s unique feel, you can choose (…comfort).

MS5 Adaptive is an abbreviated MS9, they can be interchanged (GBP10.00 shipping for parts supplied, if supplied separately). If you would like the slightly pre-production MS5 (not to be found on eBay), please leave a note on the PayPal checkout forms, or use our contact form to inquire.