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Marc Millar Photoshoot

A fantastic set of captures of the MS13, the first production version of the Manta saddle before the primary model, the MS9.
Posed in front of Edinburgh’s Parliament and Portobello by Marc Millar ~ please click on the thumbnail-preview:

Marc Millar Photoshoot


Medical Endorsements The Institute of Motion Analysis and Research (IMAR), Dundee University, are continuing research into our designs to produce blood flow analysis to provide a precise reading of the blood flow levels a rider will experience in the groin area with a wide range of saddles and including our MS9 design, this requires specialist equipment and skills,* the MS9… Read more →


Hélio Araújo, Physical Education Professo, Cycle Tour Group Organiser

Manta Setup Advice – HÉLIO ARAÚJO

Visible Function

“Der intelligenteste und bequemste Sattel aller Zeiten”!

Draft Setup Illustration